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Natural attractions of Southern Dalmatia

Elafiti, a beautiful archipelago with preserved architecture and a variety of Mediterranean flora and fauna, was once a favorite place of Dubrovnik's aristocracy, who competed there in a beautiful building and villas. Sv. Andrew, one of the Elaphiti Islands, is an ornithological reserve and habitat for many species of birds.

City monument Korcula on the island of Korcula, surrounded by medieval walls, is the birthplace of the famous seafarer Marco Polo. Here in summer and during events  tournaments called moreska, mostra and kumpanija are performed.

National Park Mljet and Lastovo Nature Park are representative of natural beauty. Mljet is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic, known for its endemic flora, two lakes and numerous caves. The most famous is the Odysseus cave, where according to legend lived Greek hero Odysseus.
Nature Park Lastovo is youngest such a park in Croatia, and was declared a protected area to preserve the natural appearance of the island. It is made in a total of 44 islands, islets and reefs.

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