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Italy is considered to be one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. The concept of the ancient culture, the rural areas as from fantasy, historical buildings and interesting architecture. Italy is considered to be the world center of fashion and design. One trip to this fascinating country is certainly not enough for a tour of the many attractions and to enjoy the hospitality that makes this country so special.

Cultural heritage of Italy will leave a distinct impression on you - Tuscany alone has more famous historical monuments than any other region in the world.

Fertile valleys and the cradle of the Renaissance, volcanoes and archaeological remains, street life and Baroque fountains, excellent highways and distinctive wines, gastronomy and opera, the car industry and the world's richest museums. All this and much more is Italy. Climb to the Etna, navigate to the Blue cave on Capri, touch David in Florence, drink espresso in Venice means to find out why they call it beauty Italy.

Italian food and drinks

Economic changes and numerous historical influences have resulted in an abundance of gastronomic diversity. For example Sicilian cuisine also contains influences of Arabic cuisine, while you can try the Austro-Hungarian Goulash in Trieste. Italian cuisine characterizes Mediterranean food rich in seafood, inevitably pasta and other world acclaimed local delicacies and the best olive oil. Food in Italy is a true pleasure to be celebrated as a feast for all the senses in the company of family and friends, at home or in a good restaurant.

Useful information for travel to Italy

Traveler's checks and money can be exchanged at banks, railway stations, airports, and often in large hotels.

The quality and length of motorways in Italy is one of the best transport infrastructure in Europe. The largest and most important port is Genoa. Italian airline Alitalia, and several smaller airlines such as Meridiana. International flights land in the cities of Milan, Rome, Bologna, Naples, Venice, Trieste ...

Accommodation in Italy

Rural Koncept accommodation offers in Italy include: villas with pool, holiday homes and luxury apartments.

Villas with pool in Italy

Spend your vacation in beautiful villas with pool in Italy. We offer rental villas with pool for your unique vacation.

Holiday Homes in Italy

Check our offers and find the ideal holiday home in beautiful Italy and spend a memorable.

Luxury apartments in Italy

If you are looking for luxury accommodations on the beautiful coast of Italy try our offer and choose the apartment that suits you.

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