Holidays in the countryside in Croatia

Villas, houses, appartments and rooms in 9 rural destinations

Terms and conditions

1. General Provisions

Terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract between the travel agency Rural koncept / tour operator or authorized agent, and the guest / travel contractor who accepts the offered tours. All that is stated in general terms represent the legal obligation of the customer and the Rural Koncept. General terms and conditions are published on the website of the tourist agency Rural Koncept and the basis for resolving any disputes between the client and the Rural Koncept.

Travel agency Rural Koncept, Selo 132b, Premantura, 52100 Pula (hereinafter: Agency) agrees to take all measures to provide correct information to its users. All information and photos related to accommodation facilities offered by the agency were collected from the service provider. The Agency assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions of the data obtained from the service providers.

2. Categorization and description of services

Offered accommodation and other tourist facilities are described according to the official categorization of the country at the time of issuance and are subject to monitoring by local tourist boards. Categorizations are not the same in different destinations and are therefore not comparable, and the Agency is not responsible if there is a change of categorization. The Agency assumes no responsibility for any verbal or written information that is inconsistent with the description of services and facilities in the published programs, which were obtained from a third party.

The Agency guarantees that the service provider in each unit, according to the number of persons for whom it is intended, will ensure appropriate dishes and kitchen utensils. Every customer should be accommodated in a clean and tidy accommodation unit with clean sheets. For guests staying longer than a week, linen will be changed once a week. The service provider is not obligated to provide towels.

Clients can check in on the day of arrival after 14:00 o'clock and check out on the day of departure before 10:00 o'clock. The service provider will prepare the accommodation unit within four hours for the arrival of new guests.
The key to the units gives the service provider personally to the client at the accommodation facility.

3. Price of service

Price of a tour package usually includes all that the Agency stated in the tour program, with the exception of optional and special services. Optional services (trips, visits, entrance fees, wine, etc.) are organized by agency, and the difference in the price should be paid through the invoice. Special services (cradle, pet, bicycle, etc.) are provided by the service provider, and are payable on the spot. Optional and special services must be declared in advance.

Prices of travel packages are published in croatian kuna and in €. The Agency reserves the right to change the prices if the price changes by providers.

In the event of simultaneous special offers, discounts are not cumulative. Discounts do not apply to last minute offers.

4. Booking procedure and payment

Inquiries and booking of accommodation can be made by e-mail, fax or telephone. The reservation is, depending on the availability of the facility, possible to make through a simple procedure performed directly on the website of the Agency.

By making a reservation, the customer confirms that he is familiar with the General conditions stated on the web site of the Agency, that he previously studied and that he fully accepts. Thus, everything stated in the agreement becomes legally binding for both the client and the Agency. The Agency provides to the client, interested for a certain program, promotional material in electronic form, presenting all relevant information regarding the trip, and it points out the general conditions of travel that are an integral part of this agreement. The Agency offers a travel insurance package to clients that are not Croatian citizents.

The Guest is obliged to provide any information required by the reservation process. For the reservation service he is required to pay an advance, depending on the payment and the balance shall be paid not later than 21 days before arrival. If arrival date is 21 days or less, 100% of fee shall be paid upon approval.

Payments can be made in foreign currency or agency's bank account or credit card. By way of remote communication to dictate their credit card number is considered that the customer fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions.
All bank charges and other costs incurred are charged to the client.

After receiving the entire amount of the selected service, the customer will be sent a voucher specifying the contracted and paid services. The voucher serves is as proof that the reservation services have been paid. Guests must submit a voucher upon arrival at the accommodation facility. He will be provided with reserved services based on the voucher. If the accommodation unit reaches more people than stated on the travel document (voucher), the service provider has the right to deny the extra customers accommodation or to accommodate extra passengers and charge them for unannounced on-site.

5. The right to make changes and cancellations

The Agency is required to ensure the accommodation facilities offered in the reserved period, except in the case of force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, health problems, natural disasters, the intervention of the competent authorities, etc.).

If the customer pays the reservation Agency for legitimate reasons can not comply, the guest will be offered an alternative that must be the same or higher quality than the reserved accommodation. If the customer accepts the alternative that is more than 10% more expensive than the original reservation, he must pay the difference, while the Agency will return the difference to the guest if the accepted alternative is cheaper. Unable to find alternative accommodation, the agency shall return the unrealized amount of guests, with no right to compensation from the agency.

If the customer insists on a change or cancellation, he must do so in writing (e-mail or fax). Under the change is ment the change in the number or the date and / or customers at least 30 days before arrival. First change of the reservation, if possible at no additional cost, will be made free of charge. Any further change of reservation will be charged at the amount of 15 € per change. In the event that the reservation is not possible, and if the customer cancels the confirmed reservation, cancellation terms listed below apply. Changing units and any changes within 30 days before and during the reservation will be considered a cancellation.

In case of cancellation of hotel reservations, the date of receipt of the written cancellation is used to calculate cancellation costs as follows:

Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival will be charged 15% of the total price of the reservation, a minimum of 15 €;
Cancellation from 29-22 days before arrival will be charged 30% of the total price of the reservation;
Cancellation 21-15 days prior to arrival will be charged 40% of the total price of the reservation;
Cancellation from 14-8 days before arrival will be charged 80% of the total price of the reservation;
Cancellation 7-0 days prior to arrival or failure to appear in the reserved accommodation will be charged 100% of the total reservation cost.
If the customer has to cancel within 7 days before arrival, the Agency offers the possibility to find a replacement for the same reservation if possible (this depends on the service provider). In this case, the Agency will only charge the actual cost of the user, made to replace clients. New customer assumes all obligations under these General Terms and Conditions. The Agency does not reimburse the customer for the cost of passports or visas, related to the reservation which the guest cancels.

6. Obligations of the Agency

The Agency shall take care of services, as well as the choice of service providers, under the consideration of and caring about the rights and interests according to good practices in tourism.

The Agency shall provide the customer with all contracted services for a particular package and be held responsabile for possible non-performance of services or part of the service.

The Agency does not assume responsibility in case of changes in carrying out caused by force majeure or change of circumstances. If it were possible, the Agency will in such cases offer a substitute resolution.

7. Obligations of the customer

The guest is obliged to abide by the rules of conduct in accommodation and service facilities. In the event that their conduct causes harm to the service, he shall immediately remove such damage, or compensate the injured party, whereby he is obligated to cooperate with the provider of those services and with the Agency.

The guest is obliged to:

possess valid travel documents. The cost of loss or theft of documents are covered by the traveler;
respect the customs and currency regulations of Croatia and the states where he resides during the journey;
to obey house rules in a rented facility, and work with service providers in good faith;
upon arrival at the accommodation unit, to present to the service provider a voucher specifying the number of people and type of services that should be provided.
In cases of failure to comply with these obligations, the customer bears the costs and suits for damages.

8. Complaints

Guest has the right to object to unfulfilled contractual services. He is required to object to inadequate service on the day of arrival at the service provider (receptionist, owners, etc.) and to notify the Agency in Pula by e-mail to or by phone +385 52 218 239. He is required to cooperate with the service provider and the agency in good faith to rectify the problem. If the guest refuses to accept the solution that corresponds with the service, the Agency is not obligated to accept any further complaints. Every customer - contractor makes a separate complaint.

If no immediate intervention of the problem is not rectified, within 8 days after returning from a holiday guest is required to file a written complaint together with supporting documents and photographs that prove reasons for the complaint to the Agency by e-mail to or by post to her address: Selo 132b, Premantura, 52100 Pula. The Agency will take into consideration only properly filed complaints received within 8 days after returning from a holiday.

The Agency shall make a written decision on the complaint within 14 days after receipt of the complaint. If needed to collect information and verify the complaint, the Agency may defer the decision for another 14 days. The Agency will resolve only those complaints that could not be rectified on the spot or while traveling.

Until a decision is made, at most 28 days after the complaint, the customer irrevocably waives mediation of any other person or institution, as well as providing information to the media. Also at this time, the customer agrees not to sue. The maximum amount of compensation per complaint can amount to the objected part of the service and can not include services already provided or the entire amount.

Agency can not be held responsible for the weather conditions and cleanlines of destination, and all other similar situations and events that are unsatisfactory and not directly related to the quality of the accommodation unit (eg, bad weather, traffic jams, theft or damage property, etc.).

The Agency does not accept complaints on arrangements for a special discounted price.

9. Luggage

Luggage is carried at the risk of passengers, and is therefore recommended to insure luggage at the insurance company.

The Agency is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage, as well as for the theft of luggage or valuables in the unit. Report in case of damaged or lost luggage the client should make to the host and the local police station.

10. Security and liability insurance

The Agency has contracted an insurance bail for package tours and liability of the organizer of package tours at EUROHERC d.d. with insurance policy number: 802128934 and 802128935.

11. Travel insurance and insurance against cancellation of travel

Pursuant to the law in tourist industry, Agency officials are obliged to offer to Croatian travelers who travel outside Croatia the package of travel insurance that includes: voluntary health insurance, accident insurance, lost luggage and trip cancellation insurance if the traveler during the booking process predicts that for some reason he will have to cancel the trip.

By signing the Travel Agreement it is considered travelers to be offered and recommended insurance in the previous paragraph. In the event that the customer requires additional insurance, it can be arranged directly with the Agency, whereas the Agency acts only as an intermediary. A travel insurance policy cannot be arranged later.

Insurance premiums are calculated depending on the value of the trip, according to a list of insurance companies with whom the Agency has a contract. If the customer does not have termination policy, the Agency reserves the right to payment under the rules set out in Article 5 of this Agreement. Upon payment of the insurance cancellation policy the client transfers all claims to the insurance company whose insurance cancellation policy he possess, and the Agency is required to ensure all necessary documentation related to guest reservation for the claim to the insurance company. All other rights are in the insurance policy and every guest we recommend to read them carefully.

12. Protection of Personal Data

Customer personal information is given voluntarily. Personal information is necessary for processing the required services. The same will be used for further communication. The Agency agrees not to give personal data of passengers to a third party, except for the purpose of providing the requested services.

An exception to the provision of personal data to third parties relates to the contracting termination insurance and insurance against accidents and illness insurance against damage and loss of luggage and health insurance during travel and stay abroad. If a customer makes an insurance policy, personal information will be forwarded to the insurance company.

Personal information will be stored in a database, in accordance with the decision of the Board of the collection, processing and storage of personal data. Guest agrees that his personal data may be used for promotional actions of the Agency.

13. Final Provisions

General Terms and travel information are an integral part of the contract between Agency and client. These conditions of booking and purchasing travel arrangements will come into force on 1 December 2011. year.

The Parties undertake to resolve contentious cases amicably. In case of dispute, the court in Pula has jurisdiction, and the Croatian law is applicable.