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Spain is an ideal location for those who want to rest and relax. It offers a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, water parks and nightclubs that leave nobody indifferent. Spain is a country with four official languages, two large cities and a diverse landscape.

Spain is situated in the southwest of Europe and occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula. The capital of Spain is Madrid and parts of the Spanish territory are also the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. The biggest cities in Spain are: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Zaragoza.

Come with us and see for yourself why Spain is an eternal source of inspiration for many poets, musicians and painters. Travel to Spain and you can try your hand at flamenco dancing, corrida (bullfight with a famous race), or try some Spanish food and drinks like sangria or paella. Perhaps the biggest magnet for tourists is the relaxed way that Spaniards enjoy life and art.

Useful information for travel to Spain

Spain's road network has been expanded and modernized. The organization of air traffic is also very good and reliable. The most important airports are in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

The official language is Spanish, while in tourist areas they also speak English and German. ATM machines are available in all resorts. You need to be careful because the currency exchange is fairly different in the percentage of commission.

Food and drinks in Spain

Do not forget to try the local cuisine, paella (rice with seafood and chicken, seasoned with saffron); gazpacho - cold vegetable soup, tapas - little bite appetizer (with drinks, etc.), Sangria (cocktail with wine, fruit and liquor) various red and white wines from various regions of Spain (the best known wine-growing area is La Rioja), Malaga and Jerez (dessert wine), sparkling wine (ga Spaniards called "cava"), horchata and batidos (refreshing dairy products), Cortado (coffee with little milk).

Accommodation in Spain

Rural Koncept accommodation offers in Spain include: villas with pool, holiday homes and luxury apartments.

Villas with pool in Spain

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Holiday Homes in Spain

Check our offers and find the ideal holiday home in beautiful Spain and spend a memorable holiday.

Luxury apartments in Spain

If you are looking for luxury accommodations on the beautiful coast of Spain try our offer and choose the apartment that suits you. 

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