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Holiday Homes and Accommodation in the countryside of Slavonia and Baranja

On the east side of Croatia between rivers of Dunav, Sava and Drava is Slavonija and Baranja filled with beautiful landscapes, nature and interesting culinary offerings. Slavonija and Baranja is the largest Croatian region after Dalmatia and is known for it's plains, picturesque vineyards and Baroque palaces. In Slavonia and Baranja is the most preserved Croatian heritage of the folklore history. Rural Koncept invites you to experience and discover how the noble families lived many years ago. Visit castles Prandau – Mailath that is in Donji Miholjac, castle Prandau Norman in Valpovo and castle Pejačević in Osijek. For the full experience of Slavonia and Baranja we invite you to visit Vinkovačke Jeseni and Đakovački Vezovi where you can see and be a part of the old culture, life on the countryside, rich Croatian folklore and more. Come with us on this wonderful journey through history and stay in our selection of accommodation objects in Slavonia and Baranja. From private rooms, hotels and accommodation on a farm. Rural Koncept is offering accommodations for every occasion.

Private Rooms in Slavonia and Baranja

If you want a peaceful holiday away from the city crowd then holiday in Slavonia and Baranja is the ideal solution for you. Rural Koncept is offering you wide variety of private rooms located in private homes, which are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

Hotel Accommodation in Slavonia and Baranja

Hotel accommodation in the natural environment is a unique experience. Hotels offered by Rural Koncept are well equipped with all the amenities that will make your holiday experience better. Experience the charm of rural tourism in hotels that are located in a natural environment.

Accommodation on Farms in Slavonia and Baranja

Greatest feature of rural tourism are farms. Meet with the native customs and taste healthy and home-made food. Beautiful natural environment, domestic animals and vacation benefits offered by Rural Koncept are irreplaceable.

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