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Greece will enchant you with its exceptional beauty, rich cultural heritage and traditional cuisine. It's one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.Situated between the Aegean and Ionian Sea, Greece is one of the cradles of Western civilization, as evidenced by the ruins of the Acropolis in Athens, the legendary palace of King Minos of Crete and the ancient ruins of Delphi. 

Greece is a beautiful, mostly mountainous country with thousands of islands and the typical white houses under the blue sky. The climate is Mediterranean, with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall.

 Numerous Greek islands, unspoiled nature, long sandy beaches - ideal for swimming, sunbathing and walking along the sea, as well as beautiful sunsets, represent everything a real vacation should contain.

Food and drinks in Greece

Food in Greece is delicious, and will delight all lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy famous Greek salad "horiatiki", moussaka, souvlaki, tzatziki sauce, stifado, and numerous other specialties. As a fun fact, in Greece a dinner is not eaten before 22 pm. 

Useful information for a trip to Greece 

Airports in Athens and Thessaloniki are receiving direct flights from abroad. Other airports on the islands and cities receive connecting flights. Greek airline Olympic Airways offers the most flights within Greece. 

Shops are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00h to 14.30h, and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 17.30 am to 20.30. On Saturdays shops are open 9.00h to 15.00h, they are closed on Sundays. Supermarkets and kiosks remain open until 22.00. Shops in tourist areas are usually open 24 hours.

Credit cards are accepted in most shops, hotels and restaurants in Greece. Tipping at restaurants in Greece are included in the price as a separate service or as part of the price of food. For tips the custom is to round up the bill at restaurants and bars.

For healthcare, tourists from EU countries must have a European Health Card (EHC), or any other legal document issued by a health insurance while tourists from countries that are not EU members must agree in their health care insurance before traveling. 

Accommodation in Greece 

Rural Koncept offers the following accommodation in Greece: Villas with pool, vacation homes and luxury apartments. 

Villas with pool in Greece 

Spend your holiday in a beautiful villa with a pool. Renting a villa with a pool in Greece is perfect for a luxury and unique holiday. 

Holiday Homes in Greece 

Enjoy the holiday homes in Greece. Choose one of the houses in our offer and spend an unforgettable holiday in Greece. 

Luxury apartments in Greece 

Looking for luxury apartment for your holidays in Greece? Check out our offer, find an apartment and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Holiday Home Rentals and Villas in Greece. Experience the exceptional beauty, rich cultural heritage and traditional cuisine of Greece. See it now!


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